Friday, March 21

Question and Answer

When I send out email like greetings or forwarded messages to friends, I would often get a reply asking if how's life as a wife and Mum. Most of them that ask are working so I guess, they just wanna know how is it to be a stay at home mum and wife generally and being that in the part of the world where we live, wherein for a couple like us getting a nanny or a stay-in house helper are luxuries with too high a price.

I would say though that doing household chores and taking care of a child is not a difficult job. With the mod cons, there's not really much to do aside from the daily chores of cooking and a bit of cleaning.

Given all that, my always reply to those questions would be, just fine, happy and no dull moments especially now that we have a lovely bundle of joy. I would sometimes add that I miss working.

Yes, I miss working. Somebody remarked that I once was a workaholic. Partly true though those were the days.

Anyway, looking back on my working years, I might haven't been employed by the best company then, but I was satisfied in my career. One could say that I might not have aspired for more but I was happy. I got friends and we still remain that after I've left. The work atmosphere was ideal. The term boss and staff only came to work when the former has told the latter of something to do, outside that, we are all friends. The 360 degree communication was encouraged as well as transparency.

Lots of media were introduced such as the intranet, forum, meeting, etc. One only needed courage to voice out inorder to be heard or a two way communication to be inplaced. But I thought, back then we have the excellent media of office communication. Not until I found out that there could be an effective and funny way for the employer or boss to communicate with the staff. Just like an effective advertising strategy, it could be a funny face so a message is retained especially if coding is introduced. It is sort of like an inbound customer service, using a tool like that.