Wednesday, March 26

Musically Challenged :D

Tagged by Mitch. I find this hard to make as I might love music but I am not a loyal fan of any band or artist. I have many favorites but I don't follow their album or single releases. But here's my pick.

Instructions: Choose one band/artist and use the titles of their songs to answer the questions.
Here are the questions:

Artist: John Lennon
Are you a boy or a girl? Aint She Sweet?
How old are you? Life Begins at 40 (thats for Mcj)
Describe yourself. Yes I'm Your Angel
How’s life? Fortunately
Where do you live? New York City
What’s your favorite song? Imagine
Describe your love life. Kiss Kiss Kiss
What are you? Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him
What kind of music do you like? Mind Games (I Promise)
How are you feeling? Well Well Well
A few words of wisdom. Give Peace A Chance

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