Thursday, March 13

It's Raining...

Looks like it's been raining cats and dogs for online casino opps these days. :)

Anyway, I don't really play online but MCJ does when he's not busy and he wants it with sound especially if he's playing games other than poker. And it irritates me.

Okay, with everything available over the net, I was not surprised that online casinolist sites would evolve eventually. Sites like these make it easy for player to choose which online casino to play with as they provide ratings from players' votes, bonuses, etc. Though if you happen to check other similar type of sites, you would notice that they almost have the same layout and review the same online casino sites. The difference is the ratings. Nonetheless, these sites help as players don't have to search for each and every casino there is to check who offers the best of everything in online games.