Saturday, March 22


Have you felt global warming in your side of the world? We have. Drought had been in Down Under for more than a couple of years then just recently, it started to rain pretty hard that some of the places were flooded. Water rose to a level more than you could imagine. Then, this year's summer didn't feel like summer at all. There has been more rainy than sunny days. And it was cold at night as well.

And could you imagine that all these erratic weathers were brought to us by our own acts? Yes, by us habitats of our planet. Things change swiftly from man hunting for food into man eating food straight from the shops or micro-waving it. Gone were the days when man has to drink straight from the well. It is now drinking spring water straight from the plastic container.

The degrading climate condition is just one of the downside of the fast changing technology. But we also embrace technology as if our lives depended on it. Well, we can at least help lessen our impact in the environment by recycling those recyclable products like Scrap HDPE from plastics.