Thursday, March 27

Some Thoughts

I should be going to sleep now as we have an errand to do tomorrow but here I am blogging away. Oh not really until this post. I've been checking up updates on my friends in friendster among other things.

I've been sleeping late for a week now. But at least I get to sleep-in in the morning. Well, that depends if Jens is also sleeping-in. :)

Mcj is on my right playing online poker. And we're munching on something to keep us awake. Him, icecream and me, some biscuits. Wanna have some?


I remember my mother telling me stories when I was back in RP about our relies who sold their pension of two years for a lump sum of money, sort of like cash for structured settlements. They would do this if they need huge cash for some major household expenses.

This type of factoring transaction (like cash for annuities and lawsuit settlements) is helpful in its own way especially if you need a big amount of money but you're income comes at a staggering phase.


Tonight, Jens went to sleep early without much trouble. He has been teething again and for some couple of days past, I've been giving him teething gel and paracetamol before going to sleep - they were just to settle him down.