Saturday, March 15


When I left my job almost two years ago, I took with me lots of files - important hard copies and all softcopy including my lotus notes mails, temporary internet files, photos, etc. I was suppose to use usb flash drives but I reckon with the files that I need to put, the space of the drives that I am willing to buy might not be enough so I opted for CD's. I used lots and I took them all with me here in Australia.

The first that I transferred to the computer were those labeled photos, for blogging purposes. And to my dismay I couldn't find the folder where all our wedding photos were. I've checked the CD's unless I miss one. I reckon I might have misplaced it but I've looked at possible places where I could have left it and there was none. Grrrrrr. The saddest thing is, MCJ's copy of the photos were all gone when some geek reformated the computer without backing up all the files. The only consolation is I have printed copy of them but the album is in the Philippines. That's one of the things that I'm going to put in our bag and bring here when we go back to RP.


happy said...

hi era,

a fellow pinay blogger here. it's really sad to lose all those. i also got sad when i lost my cellphone because of the pictures and messages that i lost.

by the way, i've got a tag for you.
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i hope you could drop by:)