Tuesday, March 18

Angels Around Us

Got this little angel from Leah. Thanks!

I'm sharing this to Idealpinkrose, ZJ, Petra, Chelle and Sexymom.


Talking of angel, my little one is awake now (was asleep when I came online). But he's playing so I'm not worried. I wonder if I left some toys on his cot. I make it a rule not to leave any toys on his bed when he is asleep because he usually roll over and when he see something, he'll get up right away and play. But I'm thankful for the toys, they keep him company and amuse him. Todays toy is a best buy.


Unknown said...

hi sis, thanks a lot for this gift..it's an honor to consider me as your friend even when we haven't met each other, yet..thanks a lot!

Sreisaat said...

Hello Era... Thanks very much for this, and I also echo the words of Idealpinkrose. Blogging has brought me a lot of new friends that I have yet to meet. I am happy that you have included me in your circle of friends!!