Monday, March 17

Car First Before the Skill To Drive

I don't know how to drive and this has a very big downside. I can't get out of our place and go somewhere (especially to the shops) unless I walk. I am very dependent to Mcj on this department.

I want to learn to drive. But! We don't have a small car that would be suitable for me. I've tried to practice once on the ride-on mower but that particular mower broke down. Our current mower has joysticks now and it is very far from the wheel manuevered one. I haven't tried on it yet.

Every time we go out, I'm on the look for smaller cars. We haven't went shopping on cars yet. It's not on the budget and in the priority list. I just earmarked those that I see will be suitable for me. I have found what I like though so, it's just a matter of money now. :)

I'm not looking for a BMW, that's for sure. It's just too posh for me. Hahaha! Not if it is offered for free. I'll accept it with all my might. :)

By the way, did you know that you can buy BMW parts online - like of BMW Grilles? There is a special store where you can buy all parts and it carries the largest selection. Plus, it also offers parts of other car brands and 24 hour seven days support. And you thought you can only buy shoes and clothes in the internet. :) This site is good those who's car parts are not locally available.