Friday, March 21

Phones and Call

I have a friend in Adelaide who also stays at home for now. We used to chat when I am always online and she at the same time but now that I am busy with Jens and blogging, we seldom do. When there are urgent matters that need to be discussed like tsismis,I would ring her or the other way around. But that form of communication comes with a high cost, well on my end at least. They got ip phones. Hers was just purchased recently so she can get intouch with her friends especially in the Philippines cheaply. I think the first time we talked using the same phone for almost an hour, it just cost him less than two dollars. How economical was that? If we haven't got an existing line for the mobile phone and the landline, maybe I would convince Mcj to get the same phone so I can ring my family and friends for less.


Mcj received a three unit mobile phones system two days ago. It was a promotional offer (for free) for switching from one provider to the other. So now we have two phone units in the house. We needed two because you can't ring locally to the old one as Mummy stuffed it up by dialling using her foot. Plus you can't pick up a hold call from that unit. Now, Mcj can ring me using the mobile intercom.


I need to call my parents in RP today. I rang my sister up the other day and no one answered the phone then I received an sms the next day asking if I can ring them that moment. Sadly, I read the sms in the afternoon and I tried to ring again but as usual, I can't reach them. It seems like I have to book an appointment to ring them lest the call won't be picked-up. Grrr..