Thursday, March 20

Laundry Day

I've been putting off doing the laundry since Monday. The weather had not been that good then. The sun would just come out around 10 in the morning and by then I would be too lazy to put the dirty clothes on the machine. Plus, I need to soak some clothes for an hour, so I reckoned it was really very late.

Well, at last today I found my good bone and did the laundry though it is gloomy. I did two loads. And I managed to soak the last load for an hour.

I realize that I don't have the time to go online in the morning when I do the laundry. And today, I have to make Jens' food so it's taking up some time. Anyway...

I am feeling my hands now and thankful that I used gloves (not exam gloves) when I soak and dissolve the washing soap as they're not that dry now though some lotion did some help too.