Monday, March 17

Love and Marriage

My friend just got married in Adelaide. She told me if I want to come over, I would love to but with Jens in consideration, I won't. If it's just me, I could have convinced Mcj to let me. Anyway, by the looks of their photos, they have a lovely wedding with her friends and S's family. Her family is in the RP. She told me (in email) that her friends there had really helped her through - the decorations, preparation of food, etc. I'm happy that she has friends like them.

We've been sharing and comparing notes about our lovelife, romance and the like. It's funny sometimes that we have similar experience but some greatly differ. I think, it's comforting to both of us who left our family and the comfort zone to be with the love of our life, to have each other - to share happy and wonderful stories and sad sometimes. We share inputs, yeah inputs.. as if we're both experienced in the field of marriage.

I hope and pray that she'll have a blissful married life. And to have a baby soon. In our circle of friends, she's the only who hasn't got a little bundle of joy.


On the side note, I want to share a mushy-mush that Mcj and I have. In the start of our relationship, we said I love you to each other but eventually, Mcj invented our own way of saying it. We now say, You Love Me towards each other.