Saturday, March 22

Retire and Enjoy!

My BIL is a retired airforce but he is still young, I reckon. He doesn't have that re-tired look yet. I guess that was the reason why he is still working part-time.

Isn't it nice that you can still work even if you've retired. I mean, working not because you have to but because you're able to. Well, that is if you retired young and that is Mcj's and my dream. Retire early and enjoy life.

Being retired isn't always means fun and lax life. That is just the case if you're living in a quiant and lovely cottage in the middle of a lake close the golf course or pub or to your friends. There always come a time when you get bored. Sure you can always have a holiday to resort with complete amenities but there's the question of money. Oh well, you can't always have the best of both worlds, can you?

Being bored you might want to consider going back to work again. In some places, there are establishments that accept seniors. Or there might be company especially put up for jobs retirement. We should be thankful for that, I reckon.

Working doesn't always mean earning money but having fun especially if you happen to have a job that you love, working with the people you like and having an enjoyable job.

I just hope that when it's my time to join the populace that enjoy lounging on the pool or playing golf whenever I want to, I would still be able to work at least part-time. Well, if I am able to do those activities, then physically I could still work. Let's just wish there are companies that accepts seniors as employees whereever I might be settled in. Or better yet, I would be the owner of a company who employs seniors. How good is that? It's nice to dream and wish sometimes.