Friday, March 21

Technical Ignorance

When it comes to electric, mechanical or technical stuff or terms, I am very hopeless it's not funny. That's the person who once dreamed of taking up mechanical engineering in college. I should be thankful I was diverted to other program lest I would have flanked the most basic subject.

I know that most women also are not familiar with these thingie or terms but if you rank me, I would take the lowest tier. The most that I've handled before was pliers and screw driver but I haven't tried using them.

It annoys the heck out of Mcj when he would ask me a very common item and I would ask him, what it looks like. Just like yesterday, he asked if I saw a double adaptor. I readily answered, what does it looks like? Whew! I've seen it but I am not really aware that it is call that. Bwahaha!

I am exposed to these terms and items more so now than before but I just doesn't have the interest to learn them or have taken the time to. I reckon, I won't be seeing them in the future or there's no need to try and acquiant myself. But I was wrong because the idea would be very handy. Who knows, I may be stuck in a situation that there's nobody to turn to on these aspect. Oh well...

Today, I asked Mcj what is motorcraft automotive connectors or the like and he told me a very general answer. I have to look up the internet to have a little understanding about it. I've read a lot about it but what stays in my mind is that they are a device for joining circuits. Simple but I still can't figure out how it works. Lol. Anyway, I also found out that these items could be readily available when you need it at a reasonable price over the net.