Friday, March 21

Abstain and Pig-out!

I'm getting forgetful. Is it a sign that I'm old? Or my mind was just pretty occupied?

I was thinking of fasting from meat today since Monday. I've been eating meat every single day since I got here and I reckon, skipping it just for a day won't hurt. Absolutely not, as a matter of fact, it will be good.

The shops are close today. I forgot to buy some salad last night when we went to the shop. Grrrr. I could cook spaghetti with tuna but I haven't got any. I couldn't survive with just raw veggie salad for a day. Maybe, if I will to, I could.

The fish and chips shops might be open today and I'm thinking of having that tonight.

After abstaining from meat today, pig out on chocolates for the next few days. I need to help Jens eat his chocolate bunny. Good thing, I didn't buy the chocolate eggs. But I'm sure, however I pig-out I won't be needing Fenphedra. Just a morning walk and push of the pram will help.