Saturday, March 22

When He Grow Up

As a mum, I get excited just to think what Jens would be when he grow up. And of course, I am making plans. He has big feet so Poppy and Nanny said he could be a swimmer. He has good muscles, he could be a sumo wrestler. Just kidding. :)

I am already preparing myself for the hustle and bustle of having a kinder student. I might be busy every afternoon to take him to swimming lesson. He might be interested in playing guitar.

I once said to Mcj that we can get Jens interested in playing piano by having one at the house. He said, "how much do you think a piano will cost?". I didn't knew that it could be that expensive here, but it is. I haven't check in the internet though but I take Mcj's word for it. Well, we could always look up how much a used baby grand pianos would cost.

Having the interest to play piano is one thing and having one at home to practice is another. Also, one should consider the quality of instrument that he got.

Lucky for people in Boston, there's one shop that has been established in 1993 which has a user friendly website. It is always nice to know that you got your materials from a realiable source. It could give you peace of mind.


Anonymous said...

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