Saturday, March 8

Eight for Jens

I've been sort of busy these days that blogging (I mean really make post) was out of my mind. But there are tags that have to be done. So here I am.

This one is from Mich. Thanks, sis. Though I haven't gotten around on doing this early on, my mind was constantly on blog mode about this. :)

  1. Jens hadn't learned to suck dummies (pacifier) or feed from a bottle.

  2. He is very ticklish (gets that from me), hence it's not hard to make him giggle.

  3. He loves water especially now that he can splash.

  4. He is a happy and very independent bub. Can play on his own longer than half an hour - for a little bub I reckon it's a big achievement.

  5. He can sit, crawl, pull himself up and cruise on his cot and any furniture before he turned seven months.

  6. He has big feet (is now on size 3 shoes). Everyone reckons he could be a good swimmer.

  7. His first tooth came out before he turned seven months. He got two now.

  8. I thought I'll give birth on Friday the 13th but he waited 56 minutes before coming out, so he won't get spooked. :)

  9. He loves posing for the camera. Oppsss, I have 9. Lol. Actually, I just wanna leave you his recent photo.


SHIELA said...

so cute!!!

Mich said...

awwww, such a darling talga!!! i love his smile here! pakurot! hehehe!

anyway, thanks for playing along. i'm glad that he eats everything that you give him. and oh, he loves sayote din pala! that's great! :)