Monday, March 17

On Racing

I love watching racing, may it be car, motorcyle, F1, horse, etc. Mcj introduced me to it. If the V8 Supercars is on, we would have a lazy weekend. If it is Melbourne Cup, he would go and bet.

This last weekend was F1 championship in Melbourne. It was said in the news that the event would remain there as there was a big crowd that turned up. Good. I didn't see the entire event though. One of Aussie drivers was out early.


Mcj used to run a horse betting business. I wasn't here when he did, but he said it was fun and sort of lucrative business. He didn't last long on it though as he didn't have that much investment to put on it.


On my last trip back here from RP, there was a group of men (with their wives and kids) talking about horses. As I overheard, they're goingto attend an event, more of like a horse racing. It was interesting listening to them how much trouble they have to went through to buy a horse from New Zealand or Australia and transport it to RP. And then, reaping the fruit of their labor, when the horse win the racing there.


Anonymous said...

I am an F1 and Ferrari fan. too bad, hamilton won the aussie grand prix. he-he.

danding cojuangco owns one of the biggest and most successful stables down under.

he even bought a horse worth millions of dollars dyan. kasama dun cguro yng pera ng pilipinas na nkuha nya s coco levy fund. :(