Saturday, March 29

Computer Stuff

The guy that does our computer stuff here is a friend. And eversince he started doing them and fixing some computer problems, he has become the BIG guy in that department. He's not just the technician but the supplier as well. Not that we don't know where to buy stuff but he is a retailer of a reliable store in Down Under, and the store markets reliable brands.

I learned that the CPUs that the store are selling are already assembled by the manufacturer which is in Astralasia. Not like the supplier we had in my last job where they buy barebones computer and assemble them.

Anyway, so far we didn't lost any file yet even with the reformatting of all the hard drives that had been done not like with the geek that Mcj used to contact everytime he had computer problems. It pays when you're working with a person who is very professional in conducting his work.


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