Tuesday, March 18

Feel Good Movie

I had no idea whatsoever on the movie Someone Like you. I just took what the ad said - something about romance, and I recorded it last night.

It turned out, my decision to record it was good. I like the movie and I can see myself watching it over and over again. I finished watching it late last night, err, early morning and I watched it again today - not finished though because I'm taking the opportunity to go online while Jens is asleep.

I don't particularly like Hugh Jackman or Ashley Judd but after watching the movie, I think I would watch out for any romance movie that they're in.

My record of the movie is absolutely part of my collection now.


I was watching a program the other night where the papparazi talked why stars should not complain why they're chased by the former. He said, stars breath and act to be popular and media give them that, so any photos snapped help. I reckon though, at some point they're entitled to some privacy especially if it concerns their health and credibility (like issue of an alcohol rehab). They want people to remember them for their excellent job, just like most of us.