Monday, March 17

My Little Girl, errr.. Boy

I reaped a few fruit today for my PR3 from PPP. It's my lucky day, I guess.

But it took me a while to finish all the opss that I reserved - after Jens was put to bed. And these days, it took him longer to settle at night. Might be teething again - for the top.

I'm leaving you all his photo as a little girl. lol. He was wearing a longsleeve body suit the other day and it was hot around noon, so I took the sleeves off his arms and tied them on his back. The suit looked like a tube. And it was funny as he really looked like a girl.


I just had a cuppa with my favourite choc chip cookies. And with a very slow computer that I'm using, I finished my coffee quickly than I used to while waiting for the snail to move. :)


A good movie is on now, Someone Like You. I watched a few minutes of the start and I'm recording it right now so I can watch it later. I'm building up a collection of good feel-good movies - just a home record. This saves me money for not buying them in the shops.


Talking of movies, I was surprised to see that Eric Bana played Henry VIII in The Other Boleyn Girl. I've read the book. I don't like historical novel but since it was on discount, I bought it and I eventually liked it. It just took me forever to finish though. In fairness, it is a thick book.

After reading it, I got sooo interested with the history of monarchy and England that I wanted to buy some of the reference books that Philippa Gregory used to write The Other Boleyn Girl. The story was soo intriguing that my naive mind couldn't have imagine that those things have actually happened in reality. But sadly, they did happened.

The book was a big read but it is one of the novel that won't bore you. Oh well, it's just me talking. I didn't get bored, I was excited a little but "being emotionally mature that always reads the ending first me", I didn't hastily finished it. I savor each and every word, every scene and action. I enjoyed it to the bones. lol. I can say that it is a light reading material. I might read it again in the future so I will re-ignite the curiousity of seeking the knowledge of the history of England that had died down a week after I finished reading the book. Such fickle-minded me.

Credit and kudos to the author for a simple and interesting book.

I don't know if I want to watch the movie even if Eric Bana is the lead. As of now, I am expecting too much from it and it might let me down. :)


Anonymous said...

haha! ang cute ni Jens. :)

btw, i tagged you. please check it out at our blog.

Mich said...

buti ka pa girl, PR3 pa rin! :)