Sunday, March 9

Know More About Me

There has been lots of tags going around the blog-world about random facts and I had played along to some. Then there's the same tag from Mitch but I reckon I should bare more of me this time. Not that I didn't those previous tags.

~~ I grew-up not knowing any cartoon characters. We don't watch tv but rather play patintero, tumba patis, etc. It's only now that I watch and started knowing some because of Jens.

~~ I went to a private school in high school and all my peers were in public and I envied them because they have lots of friends whereever we go (places close to ours).

~~ Took the CPA board exams and flanked it but I was happy then because I passed my favorite subject. I guess it was just my consolation. lol. I got pissed the day I learned the news and slept all day. My parents were worried how am I going to take the devastating news and relatives were all around me consoling. Little did they know that I was over it after a couple of days. Maybe, it was then they realized that I am a fighter.

~~ The first boyfriend was when I was almost 25 yo and just because of peer pressure not because of love. It only lasted about 24 days but I was thankful because I learned a lot from that short time.

~~ The friends that are close to my heart are those that I've met after college and up til now. I have good close friends during my school days but we all drifted apart though I have contact to some.

~~ I was elected SK Kagawad when I was in highschool and I was the youngest among us. I am proud to say though that I was one of those who are committed and deligent.

~~ Though I've said in my previous post that I may not go back to work until Jens is big enough to go to day care, there has been a change of plan. And the thought of leaving Jens for a day already makes me sad. Huhuhu!

~~ I cried to our Dean when I was in college because my grade in Typing Class inhibited me from being a Dean's Lister. I was assigned to a decrepit type writer (computers are only used in computer subjects then) and certain keys typed twice or jumped when I keyed in. Now, I reckon I can type faster but I am using a poor old PC now (MCJ is using the good one) that I can't type fast. Can't wait for my own computer to be set-up (just need some cables like CAT5e and keyboard and mouse).

I want to know more some of my new friends so I'm tagging Lutchi, Sweetpea and Mrs Brooks.