Sunday, March 23

Etc, etc, etc...

The Dad is sick since yesterday. It got worse today. He was mostly tied-up in bed, cuddling a hot water bottle.

Jens is in wonder, what's happening why Daddy is not playing with him. He played up last night wanting to stay awake and be near with Mcj. He can hear every noise his Dad was making.

It's no cook dinner tonight. I had meat pies but I made Mcj omelette. He hasn't eaten it yet. He had his Ibuprofen and I think trying to go to sleep. I just put Jens to sleep.

When one is sick in the household, seems everything is down as well. Hopefully, tomorrow things will get brighter for us.


Not all things are down with us though. Mcj found the documents for the web hosting that he had been looking since last year. He wanted to change host for the nursery's website but the provider won't release it unless he can provide the original password which he had forgotten. We could save money in this "could be" new host. The provider is a local and had become a friend. He'll give us good offer (big storage space and he could modify the current website) for a price way less than what we currently is paying.


I've seen the movie, The King and I today. It was quite fun but I don't particularly like the ending. It's just me, I always lik fairy tale ending.