Thursday, March 13

Domain Registration

Well, after reading Leah's post about getting a private domain and then using the blogger's feature of free hosting, I hastily did the same. But looking for domain registrar that will fit my requirements isn't easy. For one, I can only pay through paypal and my account isn't verified nor I have supplied any credit card details. I am still reluctant to provide my credit card details over the net so pardon me, guys.

We know somebody who can offer us a domain registration so I opted there. But I encountered problems. First, the online help or staff can't help me on DNS hosting problem so I can access my blog through bloggers. Eventually, I was able to with the help of this local guy. But another problem arose. I can view my blog with the private domain but when I visited other links, it will take me there but the url is still my domain. What can I do?

Well, I love researching.. so I search and search for a free dns hosting and eventually found one and got my blog running - free hosting from blogger. Horay!