Saturday, March 29

Shopping Talk

I love freebies. When there are products in the supermarket that I always use which has a promotional offer, I would buy more of it. Just like the nappy that Jens is using, each packet has a "dollar" that you can collect and be exchanged to some toys or kiddie stuff. We bought the biggest pack that has more "dollars" in it than two or more packets with equivalent number of nappies that has less "dollars".

When shopping online, I would always check what are the products that have free shipping and of course discounted. Even if I don't need it at the moment but will eventually use or need it, I would buy it. I think, I would buy anything on the net as long as there are freebies and discounts except shoes which I really need to fit before I can buy a pair.

Also, a fellow blogger introduced me to freebies or sample products on the net. From then on, I have been a loyal visitor of some freebies websites. Some of them don't just offer sample products but also coupons and vouchers. Plus, those discount coupons or vouchers were not just for the usual stuff that a woman buys over the net but also covers the unconventional stuff like discount codes for rental car.


Leonie Daecher said...

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Natan said...

Yeah, freebies rule! I got a bunch of print-outs and schematics when I went shopping for a 3D printer here