Wednesday, March 19

Nice Classic Home

Queensland (the state where we live), is known for many things - tourist destinations, theme parks, beaches, toads, banana, etc. It is known as the sunshine state - except this year that we received more rain than sun in summer.

There are many things that this place is known for.. and many things that are symbolic for this place - like the classic Queenslader homes.

This style is idyllic in a country life. Some designs have veranda which is very good if you live in a farm. The are several houses of this style in our street. We've been to a suburb where there was a beautiful Queenslander home situated on the highest area of the suburb. I wanted to take a snap but I was reluctant as the owner might say I was prying. There's also a real estate office (might be a residential or commercial real estate) with a classic Queenslander home building style. It is just a small house but very quaint built in the middle of two main roads.