Sunday, October 7
Got another award from Arlene (BIG thanks to you) today. Keep those coming guys. Lol.

Arlene, it's sooo thoughtful of you to share this to me. You deserve this award more than I do. Keep it up!

This award is one of the series of awards launched by Christy Z of Writer’s Reviews.

Calling these thoughtful fellows, this one's for you.





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Posted by Princess of CJ at 2:50 pm |


At 8:23 pm, Blogger idealpinkrose said........
how kind of you! thank you! i'm gonna put here in my blog and post about it later...thanks era!

At 8:24 pm, Blogger idealpinkrose said........ the way, please visit my other blog doon ko na nilalagay ang mga lakwatsa namin.

At 1:50 am, Blogger kookie said........
Thank you so much era for the awards, really appreciated wink.

At 5:14 pm, Blogger Mich said........
hi era! aaaw, I'm so touched! am I really thoughtful? hihihi... thanks, thanks, thanks!!! :)

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