Friday, March 21
We just bought Jens a chocolate bunny, thanks to Mummy. NOT!

This morning, Jens was all smile looking at the eggs and bunny so we decided to open them up and let him have his brown.

He already loves chocolate and having one this big excited him but he was more interested with the foil packaging. :)

But still, he loves his brown bunny!
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Posted by Princess of CJ at 11:05 pm |


At 6:08 am, Anonymous Mitch said........

At 3:31 pm, Anonymous HappyMum said........
sure, aunty mitch!

mummy wont let me eat a lot so i could use some help to finish it up soon. :D

At 12:17 pm, Blogger ZJ said........
Jens, ako rin penge!!
He looks gigil na gigil -- look at the way he holds the bunny chocolate!
Happy Easter:D

At 8:21 pm, Blogger Princess of CJ said........
sure, aunty ZJ. :)

Jens had only eaten the ears. it will last him long.

jens is excited with the chocolate. he knows when it's brown its yum! :)

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